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Juli &

marriage is like putting together a puzzle

We are Juli & Thomas, marriage coaches who help you overcome the biggest pain points around money, intimacy, and communication so that you go from feeling overwhelmed to being secure in your marriage.

We met working together while the two of us were in high school and quickly embarked on our relationship becoming a couple. At the age of 19 (Juli) and 20 (Thomas), we happily said “I Do” at a fairytale wedding celebration. Now over 15 years later, we have twin boys in 3rd grade, spunky three year old daughter, and a newborn son. 


Whether you would like to be married one day, are newly married, or are in the middle of figuring out your own marriage puzzle, we invite you to listen to our podcast, follow us on social media @marriagepuzzle and schedule a discovery call for marriage coaching. 

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