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➤ Struggling to balance the drive for individual success and focusing on romantic connection.

➤ Frustrated from not understanding each other & repeating yourselves because you speak different emotional ‘languages.'

➤ Growth in individual goals (like work), but don’t feel that same growth within relationship.

➤ Busy with all the roles you play in life, want effective performance (communication & conflict resolution) to be the best partner you can be.

➤ Tired from not having found the principles that resonate for your specific relationship challenges.

THESE areas

➤ Effective Communication - less time spent arguing & being frustrated

➤ Conflict Resolution - move past any arguments faster with understanding

➤ Money Mindset - #1 wealth principle for security & enjoyment

➤ Intimacy - raise emotional & physical connection/passion

➤ Goal Setting & Achieving - on the same page, creating a common vision

➤ Roles & Responsibilities - powerfully handle challenges in life together

➤ Decision-making - faster, without resentment or doubt


“We loved going through the Marriage Puzzle coaching!! Thomas & Juli are wonderful. They do a fantastic job of breaking down things in a way that’s easy to understand and relate to. They were so patient and kind. We truly felt like they had our best interest at heart and wanted us to succeed. Our marriage is stronger because of the tools that they provided and the coaching they gave us. We were so lucky to find them!!”

Jennifer & Andrew

You will feel more progress in just the first coaching session than months of counseling or trying to figure it out on your own. Guaranteed.
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