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This is the microphone that Thomas & Juli use for the Marriage Puzzle podcast. High quality, durable microphone comes with shock mount and travel case.

This is the microphone boom arm that Thomas & Juli use on the Marriage Puzzle podcast. Highly adjustable and can be mounted permanently to a tabletop or used with a sturdy C-clamp.

Microphone cables that Thomas & Juli use on the Marriage Puzzle podcast. High quality cables that come in various lengths to fit your needs.

Audio Interface used by Thomas & Juli to record the Marriage Puzzle podcast. This interface can be used with up to 4 microphones. Great if you are recording a two person podcast with possible guests. Alternate options available for more or less microphones.

Studio headphones used by Thomas & Juli when recording the Marriage Puzzle podcast. Lightweight, adjustable headphones with high quality audio output that are great for microphone monitoring while recording.

Tripod Ring Light used by Thomas & Juli to record videos for Marriage Puzzle podcast social media pages.