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Marriage Puzzle

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

June 1, 2021 | Juli & Thomas Hobby | Marriage Puzzle

Have you ever bought a 1,000+ piece puzzle? You see the box and fall in love with the picture. It’s a beautiful masterpiece! You think to yourself “I can do that!” or maybe even “That would be fun to put together.” But once you get it home and open the box to get started, you instantly see thousand of pieces that look more like a mess than a masterpiece. What once seemed like fun turned out to be a lot of work turning over each piece, figuring out where all the edges are, and what fits somewhere in the middle. Even if you are skilled at puzzles, the process of putting one together requires you to delicately craft it piece by piece without an instruction manual on where to start.

Marriage is a lot like putting together a brand new puzzle.

We see other couples that seem like they have it all together, like their puzzle is complete and ready to frame. Other marriages couldn’t find all the pieces and it took too long to put together, so they gave up on their masterpiece. Maybe they just stopped coming back to the table to work on it so it’s covered in dust (that could be brushed off), or maybe they threw it completely away and got a divorce.

In the context of marriage, we both feel that our puzzle isn’t finished yet. We aren’t a completed masterpiece or a puzzle expert. Some of our pieces haven’t even been turned over for us to know what we will find and what will or won’t fit together in life when that time comes. However, we are committed to continually showing up to work on our marriage puzzle. And we’re the kind of people who leave our puzzle out of the box so that we can work on it daily.

In September, we will celebrate 15 years of wedding bliss. It feels like we have found and put together the corners of our puzzle - our faith, our children, our home, our businesses. And as all puzzles, our marriage has a lot of smooth edges with our abundant lifestyle, true laugher, and passionate love. But what we are still going through (and will for many years to come) is the middle part… the hardest part of the puzzle.

So whether you would like to be married one day, are newly married, or are in the middle of figuring out your own marriage puzzle, we invite you to read our blog posts, follow us on social media @marriagepuzzle and listen to our podcast (launching July 2021). Together, we will be telling our story to help you through yours, one puzzle piece at a time.

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