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Updated: Oct 24, 2021

It’s #September, let’s talk about #sex! If the word sex turns you off, replace it with intercourse, making love, mating, or rumpy pumpy (that’s actually a true word from the definition of “sex”). Whatever you call it, we don’t need to be ashamed to talk about it … especially in the context of marriage when a husband and a wife were designed for sexual intimacy.

John M. Gottman states, “Learning to make love to someone is much like learning to give the ideal back rub. You may start off using techniques that you’d most like to receive, but with experience and feedback, you make adjustments and use techniques your partner likes best. Don’t take your partner’s feedback as rejection; see it as useful information instead. Being a great lover is all a matter of learning what turns your partner on."

Think about the effort you made early in your relationship to make sex as pleasurable as possible. Do you still put in that much time and thought to have a thriving sex life in your marriage or you do you crave more, but don’t know how to access it? Over time, have you and your spouse gotten too routine, boring, and stale with #intimacy?

And what about #foreplay? Most people skip this part once they are married, but everything positive in your marriage is actually foreplay. The actual definition for foreplay is: sexual activity that precedes intercourse. It’s all those little things (not just physical things) you do all day that build up to wanting to be intimate together. You can’t expect great sex AND a great marriage if you don’t take the time for emotional and physical foreplay. We believe that sex and foreplay is just as much about communication as any other areas in your marriage!

But talking about sex, even with our spouse, is tough. It can be scary, too vulnerable, and sometimes even feel inappropriate if it’s too personal. So whether you have a legitimate desire of sex and your physical needs are currently unmet, or you want to take your sex life to the next level and spice things up with your husband or wife, we found something that is designed to strengthen marriages intimately.

There’s a beautifully put together app called Intimately Us. It is so classy and clean, yet very rich in content! Uniquely designed for marriage couples to have a deeper connection, it refrains from nudity, porn, and anything cross or raunchy.

Intimately Us takes the pressure off of performance and replaces it fun, playful, yet educational ways to enjoy communicating about sex, engaging in foreplay and flirting, as well as improving intimacy connection and desire. It has date night (or day) ideas, daily challenges, custom reminders, expert videos, and so much more. It’s ideal for newlyweds and mature couples alike.

Our favorite part of the app is how it has connected us even out of the bedroom and when we are apart from each other. It has creative ways to chat with your spouse by sending flirty texts in a safe, private way. You can also send pictures to each other that come up blurry until you click on them. This is so intuitive because it’s always smart to check your surroundings before opening a sexy photo of your husband or wife who is thinking of you.

This month, Intimately Us is inviting you and your spouse to join us as well in making September 2021 a Sexy September, aka “Sextember!” The challenge is to see if increasing your sexual activity for a month brings you two closer together and makes your life more enjoyable. The creators of Intimately Us, Get Your Marriage On, say it this way:

The challenge is for you to take time this September to identify one or two things that are currently getting in the way of your intimacy and make a plan to work on it. It doesn’t necessarily mean to have sex every day for the month (unless that’s what you both plan to do!). It could mean working on common obstacles to intimacy such as lack of time, feeling tired and stressed, kids, or bedroom boredom. Sextember could become a way to be more deliberate in increasing your frequency and quality of sexual connection and pleasure.

If you use the Intimately Us app to create your Sextember plan from the list of over 100 suggestions or come up with your own challenges within the app, and then mark off at least 20 of the 30 items you’ve completed in Intimately Us, you will be entered to win a bedroom basket of prizes worth over $350.

Don’t forget to take time for each other, even in this crazy, busy world. September is the perfect time to start making your spouse a priority and sex fun again. To participate in Sextember and download Intimately Us, go to: HERE

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